A Collection of Careese Drabbles Chapter 4: I'm In The Mood For Love


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A Collection of Careese Drabbles
Chapter 4: I’m In The Mood For Love


Person of Interest

Words: 464
Genre: General
Rated: T
Character: [Detective Carter, J. Reese]

Summary: These are non-linear drabbles I’m posting and updating frequently since the anniversary or Carter’s death is coming up next month. #CareeseisEternal

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"Missing my Joss and John"
14 of October, 2014


"Missing my Joss and John"

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14 of October, 2014


I salute you, Captain.

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12 of October, 2014

Detective John Riley ~~ Desk Sitting Appreciation

SE403, Wingman

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No Good Deeds is #1 at The Box Office!





UPDATED, SATURDAY, 7:33 AM: As Disney/Marvel celebrates Guardians Of The Galaxy‘s $300M domestic milestone this weekend, Screen Gems is getting a nice reward from newcomer No Good Deed. The $13.8M-budgeted film from director Sam Miller is expected to pull in anywhere from $24.5M-$25M…

Have you seen it? The trailers look intense.

I have not YET!! Can’t wait…So happy for my girl.,

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